Wellfare Funds - Farms

All Isatouproperties LLC proceeds are invested in Groundnut farms in the Gambia through, Isatouproperties Welfare Funds.  Isatouproperties Welfare Funds is a non-profit under Isatouproperties LLC and both are registered in WA state and active, UBI NUMBERS; 604 297 314, 604 733 073, respectively.

I am a US citizen living in Everett WA but have 2 offices in The Gambia and USA. I have 22 full time employees that I manage remotely, in The Gambia.

My vision is not only to support minorities with homes in WA state, but also to empower the youths with the right reason to leave urban areas and farm in the villages.  A developed nation cannot be, without Agriculture and self-sustenance.  This is hard to convey in a developing country.  My vision is to also minimize poverty and hunger in that poor country.  This will minimize the joblessness and crime rate.

We currently have 10 Groundnut farms that can export 2800 tons of its products and,

This is how it works:

Organization does all the expenses of the farm products, which includes and not limited to groundnut seeds, fertilizer, all labor costs, packaging, and export expenses. Each farm is allocated a manager that coordinates all of requirements of the farm. After all the proceeds of the farm is accounted for, the expenses are deducted from the proceeds and profits shared equally with the farm manager.

Each farm manager must meet certain criteria before we enter contract with them.

We currently have 10 farm managers for the 2022 groundnut season.