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IsatouProperties Welfare Funds

Isatou Ceesay Charity – A Small Gesture To Help the Kids and Community Get Stronger

The IsatouProperties Welfare Funds are 100% funded by us! They were founded way before this company got established in March of 2018. The main objective of the IsatouProperties Welfare Funds is to help kids in need get a second chance of education in The Gambia. In the beginning, we started with just 2 families that have happily grown to 12 now because we find fulfilment in making people smile with the Isatou Properties Welfare Funds.

Isatou Ceesay
Isatou Ceesay

How It Started

“I started this journey personally in 2016 when I learned that a cousin of mine has been going around neighbors, begging for food. When I called her, she told me to listen and I listened. I heard her drumming a bowl and was confused about what was going on. She then narrated her story and went on to mention that all four of her five children were present at the time of the drumming to signify the scarcity of meals and their hunger. This was the reason why she was making a statement of an empty serving bowl. I was able to hear the children in the background.

She started narrating her stories of hardship and pain over the years. She made a joke about how a neighbor offers her fermented beans because they knew how desperate she was.

I was very disturbed by her story

And I see myself rich with so many possessions that I do not even need. Life was not fair to simply put. From then on, I decided to give her $100 per month for her feeding. She left me a voice message when she cooked her first meal in her house without begging. I enquired about her children’s education and it was sad to realize that she could not afford them. That was expected of course, and her daughter was a very bright girl. All three children were reinstated to school by me. Life was getting better for her and she was always grateful when I call her monthly to pick her allowance. She would joke that my calls were calls from heaven.

During her monthly allowance pick-up in Ramadan, I sent extra money for the needy neighbors. This is a Muslim tradition to feed needy people during the fasting month. She made mention of a lady whose husband left and had 11 children. When this lady was given about $2, she was shocked to receive it from a stranger like me. She left me a voice message of thanks. The lady was unbelievable about what this meant for her. I was sad but was glad that I had an impact on someone’s life. As the story goes, none of her kids were in school due to financial hardship. The older ones were welding apprentices and the younger ones are not engaged in any form of education. The only child that was in school, had to be forced to stop going to school because of a $4 arrears. This was heartbreaking and I helped right away. I was told the neighbors were staring at her on her resume day of school. Her story was very touching, and I was blessed to be on her journey.

Isatou Ceesay
Isatou Ceesay

During my vacation in Gambia, 2019

I was overwhelmed with stories like these. I started to make it official with my team of 3 coordinators whose job is to do all the transactions.

Our welfare funds currently have 12 children to support and there are many children on the waiting list. The children are in different levels of class or school type. Some, for example, are in a vocational institute, one in Middle school and some in High school, and others in elementary school. One had already graduated with a Childcare certificate. Not only do I provide them with school fees, but at least 5 of the children, I pay their parent’s house rent, because they were living in slumps and deplorable shelter. The shelter was not part of the sponsorship plan, but we could not stand their conditions.

The expenditure of one boy in high school for example can cost $120 for a full academic year. This will cover books and at least 2 sets of uniforms. A middle schooler can cost about $80, for the entire year. As for the housing cost of the 5 families, we spent about $410 to cover 6 months’ rent, for a decent 2-bedroom apartment with running water and electricity. The housing support cost is not a priority and they have to be in a bad living condition in other to qualify.

- Isatou Ceesay

Isatou Properties Welfare Funds: Achievements So Far

We were able to fund $4,200 for our 11 recipients. We have helped Kids with shelter, tuition fees, internet cost, clothes, books, and other school supplies. We have been focusing on helping the people need of little support to live a life with dignity.

In 2020, our charity started a mission to promote better communities in The Gambia.