Charity Work

Our Achievements and Mission

IsatouProperties Welfare Funds was founded in 2002 to lend helping hands to the most vulnerable individuals in The Gambia. It started with a Scholarship program where, over 15 children benefited from Elementary school to college level education. The scholarship program is still expanding and other regions that are mostly left out.

‘Startup Capital’, for small businesses, came in naturally and four single women became the beneficiaries. All four women have different life challenges, and it all came down to being poor to the extent of starving. One of them was a victim of domestic violence and had no choice but to walk away. The other was a widow and two were stigmatize for not bearing children in a marriage and mentally tortured to leave their husbands. They lacked the education level to get a job in an office setting. We started to change mindset about the fact that office job is not the only way to sustain self. They never believe in themselves and losing hope day by day in life.  We had to educate them first about managing a small business, before assisting them with funds to start a small business. ‘IsatouProperties Welfare funds’ had the answered for these women. We can feel their pain and fear of living.

Alhagie, a farmer in need of funds was fortunate to have 12 sheeps to rare and sell to the public, through our charity. Ebou, a qualified driver, without a job, since his boss died, was one of the luckiest to have benefited from our vehicles and operate it as a taxi business. These are few stories of individuals that find solace with us. These individuals have gained back their confidence and dignity to make a living and support their families.

‘Jamano Media and Products’, in The Gambia was also founded by ‘IsatouProperties Welfare funds’, to give voice to the voiceless and educate youths through online platforms in various topics of civil societies and current news of The Gambia. ‘Jamano Media and Products’ became a place for all staffs to be self-employed, in sense that they will bring sponsorships in their own programs and earn 25% of all the proceeds from their sponsors. This strategy has encouraged each staff to work hard from the resources we provided them. ‘IsatouProperties Welfare funds’ invested over 5 million Gambia Dalasis to set up an upgraded media house in The Gambia for the empowerment of Gambian youths. It currently has 15 full time staffs, that ranges from camera crew staffs, news readers in English, Wolof and Mandinka, technicians, program developers, cleaner and Sales personal.

A Borehole was dug for villagers in Wulli District, of The Gambia in 2020 for our clean water initiatives. This was meant to improve the health of individuals whose lives were already threatened by the lack of health centers. The water that they were drinking from before we discovered them, was not fit for animals to drink from in a civilized country. Our goal is to expand our clean water projects to many parts of The Gambia, and we are open for donations from the public.

‘Isatouproperties Welfare Funds’ is a non-profit registered in Seattle WA. Its tax deductible and YOU will be the life changer if you donate. YOU will save lives in The Gambia!

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IsatouProperties Welfare Funds - Clean Water Projects

Isatou Ceesay Charity – A Small Gesture To Help the Kids and Community Get Stronger

The IsatouProperties Welfare Funds are 100% funded by us! They were founded way before this company got established in March of 2018.

The main objective of the IsatouProperties Welfare Funds is to help communities have access to clean water.  Clean water in 'Sarree Jamee' village, for example has help start a gardening project in 2022, for the first time in history.  The neighboring villages are also benefitting from this project.

We strive to bring clean water to the remote villages in the Gambia.


How It Started

“We started this journey when we realize the filthy water that the donkeys are fetching for the women in Sarree Jamee village.  It was beyond believe and imagination!

Screenshot 2023-01-23 110310

Clean water shortages in The Gambia.

Our scholarships program has been established in 2002 but Clean water projects are what we are currently focusing on.  We see it as an emergency for HEALTHY reasons!

The expenditure of one boy in high school for example can cost $120 for a full academic year. This will cover books and at least 2 sets of uniforms. A middle schooler can cost about $80, for the entire year. As for the housing cost of the 5 families, we spent about $410 to cover 6 months’ rent, for a decent 2-bedroom apartment with running water and electricity. The housing support cost is not a priority and they have to be in a bad living condition in other to qualify.

- Isatou Ceesay

Isatou Properties Welfare Funds: Achievements So Far

We were able to fund $4,200 for our 11 recipients, in 2020. We have helped Kids with shelter, tuition fees, internet cost, clothes, books, and other school supplies. We have been focusing on helping the people need of little support to live a life with dignity.

Our Mission is to continue this trend for the future generations to come.