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Sell Your Property WA without Ever Leaving Your Home

By pwsadmin / June 11, 2021 /

Do you know that you can sell houses in WA without ever leaving your home? We are ready to assist you in your home selling journey. Cash on Hand is a Better Measure Research by the JPMorgan Chase Institute states that having a cash cushion trumps a big down payment. Historically speaking, a big down payment is…

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Sell Houses Fast WA – Multiple Listing Service by Broker CENTURY 21

By pwsadmin / June 10, 2021 /

As a homebuyer, you might be wondering what COVID-19 means for your home financing plans. Will down payment assistance be available? Are low down payment loans still available? What about credit score and employment verification changes? The good news is that down payment assistance programs and low-down payment loans are still widely available. Above all,…

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With Isatou Ceesay, Sell Houses Fast in Washington and Neighboring Areas

By pwsadmin / June 9, 2021 /

One of the trickiest parts a real estate professional have to play is making negotiations easier. Attaining an agreement on price and closing the deal needs an understanding of offers, contingencies, deeds, title searches, disclosures, and more. Having a skilled real estate professional, like myself, at your side can improve your chances of selling a…

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