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There are a lot of moving pieces when you are in the process of finding a new home. Here are some things to think about to make sure you’re in the best position to make your move and find the best Lynnwood homes for sale:

 Features: What and Why?

It’s helpful to make lists when you’re looking for your next WA house for sale. Some things are non-negotiable, but others are flexible. I’ve always found that it is helpful to make a list of what you want and also include WHY you want it.

Requirement: Large, open kitchen.

Why: Because I host quarterly parties at home for my business, or because I have a large family, and we love spending time in the kitchen together.

Knowing why you want a specific feature will help you make smart decisions while looking for Lynnwood homes for sale.

  • Finances

How much can you spend on living expenses? Make sure you include taxes, homeowner’s insurance, utilities, etc. in the price.

How does your credit look? There are lots of free resources like creditkarma.com that will give you legitimately free credit reports along with tips on how to make sure you’re in the best financial position when the time comes.

  • Lifestyle

We know that life is more than just what happens inside your home. So, it’s important to take into consideration the things that are most important to you like school, transportation, recreation, and community.

When you’re ready to talk about the next steps, I’m here to help.

Reasons why buying a home and establishing equity is a smart financial move

One of the main benefits of buying property instead of renting is gaining equity. Equity is how much of the property you’ve paid for and own. The longer you stay in a house, and subsequently, the more mortgage payments you make, the more equity you have.

Here are a few reasons why buying a home and establishing equity is often a smart financial move:

  • You’re investing in your future

Monthly mortgage payments typically benefit you in the long run as you slowly gain more ownership over a home. When the time comes, you can sell and hopefully get a return on your investment. As a renter, on the other hand, your monthly payments go to someone else, and you don’t reap any of the benefits.

  • You can increase resale value and make a profit

As a homeowner, you can make any changes you want to the property. Investing in even the smallest home improvement projects over the years could increase the home’s value.

  • You can use your equity as collateral

If you’re short on money, you may be able to borrow against your home equity at fairly reasonable interest rates. Common uses of home equity loans include performing home improvement projects, consolidating other debt, and covering college expenses.

If you think it’s time to make the move from renter to homeowner, give me a call today, and we can discuss the home buying process.

Did you just go from Baby Boomer to Empty Nester? Now that the kids are out of the house, maybe it’s time to downsize. There’s no sense of heating and cooling all that unneeded space. Give me a call, so that we can discuss your options.

If you’re considering a move, or hear that any family, friends, neighbors or colleagues are, please feel free to contact me. Finding a home that you can see yourself in for the next five to twenty-five years is a great feeling. Don’t let that feeling cloud your judgment and leave you with unexpected issues after the closing. Here are a few things to consider before you look out for Lynnwood homes for sale:

  • Hire an expert to do your own home inspections and attend them if possible.
  • Evaluate possible repairs/immediate improvements. Ask the seller to repair them or include the cost into your bidding.
  • Purchase an environmental report.
  • Know all of the vital systems that connect to the house (electrical, sewage, heating, air conditioning, garbage disposal, and water). Investigate the ins and outs of these systems.
  • Perform an energy audit. Confirm that your budget will match what your new home is going to cost monthly.
  • Examine potential neighborhoods with a 24-hour perspective. Are there any dogs howling late at night? Again, be sure there are no surprises in WA houses for sale.
  • Do multiple practice commutes. One day is not enough time to judge the next 5+ years of driving to work.
  • Consider your furniture, electronics, and appliances. Will they fit into the new home or will you need to purchase new home furnishings?
  • Know the local political landscape. Are there any issues you should know about? Make sure you understand how utilities, schools, and public services are funded.
  • Research the local area to understand its economics, climate, and variables that will be part of your long-term lifestyle.

So, if you are going to buy or sell a house in Washington, let me help you get the job done. We buy houses WA and our clients find their dream homes. Feel free to call us at 206-604-1936 or you can email us at Isatou.ceesay@century21.com.

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