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2020 was full of challenges. At Isatou Properties, we experienced some of those ups and downs, but we’ve found silver linings too. We are a licensed broker of CENTURY 21 and can tell you where to find Lynnwood homes for sale. In addition, if you are going to sell or list your homes for sale in Washington, don’t be afraid to ask the experts at Isatou! 

Get Instant Cash for Homes

Celebrate Homeownership Programs

At the initial stage of the pandemic, we began monitoring its impact on homeownership programs and first-time homebuyers. While several program providers decided to “work from home”, there was a certain drop in available programs. However, state housing finance agencies that comprise nearly 24 % of all homeownership programs, didn’t choose to close or pause their business during the COVID19 outbreak.

With low inventory and growing sales prices, more and more industry professionals are acknowledging the benefit of our programs for their homebuyers. These programs are very useful to offset closing costs when looking for cash for homes, which is a boon for sellers. This also means that buyers can use their savings for other homebuying expenses like moving, home renovation, and furnishings.  

Celebrate Education

2020 was our first attempt at providing education directly to homebuyers. With our homeownership programs and webinars, we took potential homebuyers through each step of the home buying process. From housing counseling to mortgage options, we helped them find out what to consider even after closing. 

Also, we’ve held webinars for industry professionals with topics ranging from how to grow home buying business to economic forecasts and reporting. The attendance level at these webinars was consistently high, which reinforced the fact that lenders and real estate professionals are keen on homeownership programs.

Celebrating Homebuyers

Did you know that nearly 90 % percent of homebuyers are still motivated to buy despite the pandemic? Historically speaking, low rates can make payments more affordable. And with the help of our programs, you can find homes for sale in Washington sooner than some may think.

Here’s what our client Jenifer has to say:    

“I just want to thank Isatou Ceesay to educate me. With their guidance, I just closed on my first home in Lynnwood. It was a bit hard for me to find the programs within the approval guidelines. But it was all sorted out by Isatou.” 

Thanks to Jenifer for reaching out, and congratulations on your new home!  

Are you planning to buy a new home this year?

While the home buying process can be tough, Isatou is here to help. If you’re planning for homeownership in 2021, focus on your goal and empower yourself with the right information. Here are a few ideas to help you out:

  1. Try to take a homeownership class and began by connecting with your local housing finance agency. Also, consider checking out online homebuyer education like eHomeAmerica.
  2. Interview at least 3 lenders to find the best fit for you.
  3. Review your budget and income to outline your monthly housing costs.

We’d love to hear more about your homeownership journey. Feel free to share your story with us on our email or simply call us at 206-604-1936.

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