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With housing rent consistently on the rise, owning a home means stability. Plus, thousands of dollars spent on rent will return to you. So, why pay someone else’s mortgage when you can buy one for yourself? Consider investing in Washington homes for sale. 

Homes for sale WA

Life is full of surprises. Don’t let any unexpected event of the last year keep you away from your goals for 2021. The time has come to look forward and decide on your priorities. If owning a new home is on your list, here are four simple steps to jump-start your journey to homeownership.

  1. Set Your Budget

First of all, find out how much you are spending on rent and other housing-oriented expenses? Also, are you anticipating any rent increases? You should have a solid understanding of your monthly and annual income and expenses. This exercise will help you jump into a mortgage and home maintenance projects.

  • Determine Your Credit

Are you not familiar with your credit history? Consider requesting a free copy of your credit every twelve months from the reporting agencies. Once you review your credit, you may find that you have some tasks to perform. But don’t worry! A housing counselor can help you repair your credit, and prepare you for homeownership.

  • Interview Lenders

One size never fits all. This is true for mortgages. Thus, you should work with a lender who would help you with your goals and budget to find the best fit for your needs. Create a plan to talk to at least three lenders before you make the final choice. Also, don’t forget to learn more about their down payment options, fees, and the cost of your mortgage.

  • Explore Down Payment Programs

Do you know about any home buying program that can save on your down payment and closing costs? If not, consider exploring such programs and experience some major homeownership perks like grants, forgivable loans, and tax credits. But, these programs require approvals and paperwork.

Finding it Difficult to keep up with Constant Program Guideline Changes?

Isatou Properties is your 24×7 assistant — we can help you:

  1. Make better-informed decisions while looking for Washington Homes for Sale.  
  2. Match potential borrowers to your homeownership programs
  3. Receive more referrals by encouraging customers to learn more about your DPAs.

In addition, investigate properly what is available in the area you are looking for foreclosed homes for sale in WA. And don’t forget to review your results with us. Best of luck and happy home buying 2021!

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